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Updated: Jul 27

Depending on your credit profile, there may be other options that are better suited for your needs. Our credit repair program was developed to assist those with inarticulate, questionable, and unverifiable accounts.

The credit repair process will require dedication and discipline. If you credit profile matches any of the following, you can still begin working on your credit with our credit building alternatives.

  • Active bankruptcy

  • More than 60 days behind on any open accounts

  • No derogatory accounts or collections

  • No previous credit history

If any of these apply to you, start out slow and work on building your credit to establish good payment and credit history. If you're credit profile is still developing, focus on starting with a credit builder account or loan. Keep your balances under 20% and make on time payments for 6 months. After 6 months, request for a credit increase. If you start here, you are sure to be well on your way to developing a better credit profile.

I can't express this enough how important it is to give yourself time. People tend to think that this is an overnight fix or solution and those are the people that give up too soon. Give yourself 6-12 months. Take your time, make on-time payments, and keep your balances low and you will see a major difference.


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